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Arguably the best phase. An opportunity to look back at what changes have been implemented and what results have been achieved. Is desired state within view now? You bet. There’s opportunity to tweak and iterate, accelerating progress.  


“I originally brought on Renata and Green Horseshoe Solutions to facilitate a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) session with my team and to prepare a first-year CSR plan for Profound Impact Corporation.  Her inclusive process provided education to the team while extracting insights from the team members.  The outcome was an extremely detailed customized CSR plan right-sized for a start-up including a suite of employee programs designed to create social impact through engagement. This certainly differentiates Profound Impact’s brand from so many other start-ups. Renata thinks holistically about the full team experience which has proven useful in additional projects beyond our original scope of work. Renata is strategic, takes initiative and is thorough. The flexible, fractional approach of Green Horseshoe Solutions is ideally suited to start-ups and scale-ups who are committed to bettering their employee experience through social impact work”.

Sherry Shannon-Vanstone, CEO & Founder, Profound Impact Corporation

Meet Renata 

Renata Rusiniak is a social impact leader fueled by a desire to foster connected corporate cultures and extra-engaged employees. With a blended background in human resources, marketing, communications, and social impact, Renata is well-positioned to engage audiences with authentic storytelling about people and purpose. She has worked across multiple business sectors including cybersecurity (eSentire), finance (Manulife), technology devices (BlackBerry and L3-Harris), and food (Cadbury-Schweppes) within Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.  

Her 20 years of corporate experience ideally positioned Renata to create bigger impacts as the Director and Founder of Green Horseshoe Solutions – enabling companies to build their purpose-driven businesses through revitalizing engagement programs, forging social impact practices, and communicating with intention.


Renata holds an honours BA from the University of Waterloo and a Certificate of Community Involvement from Boston College Centre for Corporate Citizenship. She is a certified Corporate Social Responsibility Practitioner and believes that purpose-led businesses are sustainable businesses. 

Originally from Hamilton and currently residing in Guelph, ON with her husband and two sons, Renata is active in her local community currently serving on the strategy committee for the Guelph Community Foundation, and mentoring social enterprises at Innovation Guelph. Previously, Renata has served as a Board Director with the Greater Kitchener-Waterloo Chamber of Commerce (including 2 terms as Chair of the Board), the Donkey Sanctuary of Canada, and Leadership Waterloo. She has mentored with Women in Communication and Technology (WCT), served as a member of the University of Waterloo Alumni Council, and volunteered her time in the equine community with Equine Guelph.  Renata is an avid skier, equestrian, and general advocate of all things outdoorsy. 

Renata Rusiniak founded Green Horseshoe Solutions (GHS) with a goal of creating stronger, lasting employer brands for companies on the grow. Through a highly integrated approach, GHS becomes an extension of your team without the operating costs associated with supporting a full-time resource. The philosophy at GHS is simple – take care of your people and the profits will follow.


GHS applies a simple model of progression: 

Assess current state 

Consider this the “get to know your company” phase.  Through a brief internal intake discussion and external analysis, this phase identifies what you already have in place, what’s working, what’s not, and what’s desired. Your company has a start point and desired endpoint.  There are plenty of paths to get there if we have a mutual understanding of preferences.  

Plan for desired state

While it would be nice to take one giant leap into a totally utopic state, GHS will propose the progressive steps that will inch your company in the right direction. It’s a marathon, not a sprint and anyone who sprints to the employer brand finish line is likely to hear someone call BS as you miss the podium. Yes, marathons take time but take inspiration in knowing that it’s attainable to finish. People (and companies) do it every day.  

Execute programs 

At Green Horseshoe Solutions, we stay with you for the journey as long as you’d like.  We recognize that work needs to get done and we are happy to get into it! That said, we are also happy to work alongside in-house talent to provide training, mentorship, and guidance ensuring a smooth scale-back of services when the time is right.

Report results 

Arguably the best phase. An opportunity to look back at what changes have been implemented and what results have been achieved. Is desired state within view now? You bet. There’s opportunity to tweak and iterate, accelerating progress.  

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