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At GHS, we bring domain expertise in building people and purpose programs that set your organization on a thriving, sustainable path. We foster workspaces where employees are proud to work. Workspaces that recognize the ROI of being socially responsible and make decisions with this in mind. Workspaces with leaders who share their messages with conviction and transparency. Workspaces that understand the importance of leading with purpose to enable growth and long-term prosperity. 

Energizing Employee Engagement


It’s about more than good pay, foosball, and food. It’s about having a purpose that employees are psyched to get behind and an authentic, consistent message that rallies everyone in that direction.


GHS works with you to bring employee engagement to life through: 

  • Employee engagement strategies

  • Onboarding processes

  • Internal leadership branding 

  • Job purposing/volunteerism 

  • Mentorship programs 

  • Professional growth programs

Social Impact Programs

Donation Center

Companies that recognize their social impacts and take action to build supportive community partnerships will create win-win scenarios for everyone involved. Side benefit: this goes a long way to enhance your employer brand internally and externally.

GHS will build and maintain: 

  • Social Impact plans, programs, and reporting 

  • Community relations and sponsorship 

  • Academic/Educational outreach 

  • Strategic partnerships, memberships, and affiliations 

Communicating with Internal Audiences

Public Speaker

Once you’re armed with stellar people and purpose programs, it’s time to shout about it! How are you telling your story to the audiences that matter? 

GHS provides the batteries for your megaphone to advise and construct:

  • Next-level employee communications strategy for remote audiences 

  • Change communications that bring everyone along for the journey 

  • Employer-focused social media (to complement your marketing social media strategy) 

  • Employer awards strategy & execution

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